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  •   What is Foundation for Rapidweaver?

    Foundation is a responsive framework from Zurb and is ported to Rapidweaver by as a set of stacks and a blank Rapidweaver theme.

    There is a deprecated version of Foundation for Rapidweaver (Version 1.x). Some projects on this page are made for this version. They are not compatible with Foundation 6.x.

  •   What do I need?

    First of all you need Rapidweaver from Realmacsoftware, the Stacks plugin (or the from Yourhead and Foundation for Rapidweaver from Joe Workman. Some projects need the Total CMS stacks. Maybe you need some additional stacks from different developers. You can find a list of prerequisites on the detail page of each project.

  •   What do I get?

    You will get a Rapidweaver project file. You can open it in Rapidweaver and in preview the project looks the same as in the demo. Some projects require the Total CMS Stacks from You need to purchase a license for your domain as it is not included in the projects.

  •   I lost the project file

    You can always download your purchases on the Paddle Locker.

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Take a look at the FAQ Section or fill out the form for help

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