Be sure you installed following on your mac:

RapidWeaver 7


Stacks 3.1


Foundation + Addons 1+II

Joe Workman

TotalCMS 1.2

Joe Workman

Gallery 3 or Photo

Gallery 3 by inStacks
Photo by Nick Cates


Joe Workman


Joe Workman


Joe Workman

Sections Pro

Big White Duck

Header Pro

Big White Duck

Paragraph Pro

Big White Duck

MagicGellan 2

Big White Duck

Button Plus

Big White Duck


Big White Duck

Be sure you purchased all stacks and that they are up to date. These stacks are necessary for this project and are NOT included.

Gallery 3 or Photo Stack?

you can choose

Yes, it is incredible: You can choose which stack you want to use in this project. You've got both? Great! You can choose which you prefer most. How cool is that?!

Stacks Image 3133859

Online in minutes

  1. Download your project file and open it in RapidWeaver 7
  2. Config your web address in RapidWeaver and publish to your web server
  3. Type in your web address in your web browser, followed by /blog/admin. Example: You published to, then type
  4. Follow the setup
  5. Add a blog post and/or add a portfolio
  6. Enjoy your complete photo blog

hints and tips

  • The images are automatically scaled to find the best balance between filesize and image quality. You can change the parameter (like any other parameter in this project) by yourself.
  • Photos in landscape orientation should be your first choice. If you want to use photos in portraiture orientation, please crop them to a landscape format before uploading or place two photo side by side to get a new image in landscape orientation. The photos are automatically centered in this project.

Premium Projects

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RapidWeaver® is a Registered Trademark of Realmac Software Limited. Foundation for RapidWeaver and TotalCMS by Joe Workman. Some beautiful Stacks from BigWhiteDuck. Photo by Nick Cates. Gallery 3 by inStacks.