RapidWeaver Project File Island

RapidWeaver Project File

You get a project file for RapidWeaver. Open it in RapidWeaver like any other of your project files. Start to edit the Stacks and fill them with your content. Copy & paste Stacks if you need more. So easy.

More Pages

Duplicate a page in the sidebar, rename it and start adding your content. Or create a new Stacks page, copy and paste the Stacks on the new page. Do not forget the Site Styles Stack. Nothing more to do.

You donĀ“t have all Stacks?

No Problem. The Template works, if you have at least RapidWeaver with Stacks3 and Foundation. If you do not have the extra Stacks, just remove them of the project. That´s it.

Just started with Foundation?

Foundation is not easy at the beginning, but with this Template it is easy to see how the things are working. It could be a tutorial Template for you if you don´t know where to start with Foundation.

Why should i buy this theme?

Save money and time

You can build your website very effectively. You don´t have to spend much time for finding and creating the design. There is no need for the most time-consuming process in building a beautiful website. Focus on your content.

Looking for inspiration?

This template is a solid one and i am sure you will use this template for several jobs. Modify the colours, fonts and images and your next project will become visible.



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