Journal is more than a simple blog. Journal is a complete website solution for those who have a lot to say. Use Journal as a solution to put magazines on the Internet. Create an issue and then add the articles for this issue. The articles can consist of pure text or be enriched with photos and illustrations. A complete solution for schools, companies, scientists, editors and others who want to publish their in-house magazines online. 

Journal is the perfect travel blog where you can divide a trip into individual days or places - just as you like it.
Photographers can automatically build up their portfolio, blog and record special events. 

3 demo pages to show the versatility:

Journal is extremely flexible in many ways.
How would you like to use it?

The Key Features

  • Password protected admin area
  • Create issues and add articles
  • Fully responsive
  • Images are automatically scaled down
  • Social media bar for easy sharing
  • Automatically generated image slider (can be switched off)
  • Automatically generated header images above the article (can be switched off)
  • Modern tile design
  • Page name and slogan can be changed in RW
  • Search function as popup
  • Stylish contact form
  • Extra Page: About us
  • Extra Page: Disclaimer


  • RapidWeaver 7+ · Realmacsoftware
  • Stacks 3.5+ · Yourhead
  • Foundation 1.x + Addon I+II · Joe Workman
  • Total CMS 1.x + license · Joe Workman
  • Elevator · Joe Workman
  • Share It · Joe Workman
  • MovingBox2 · Joe Workman
  • ButtonPlus2 · BigWhiteDuck
  • Pop Drop · BigWhiteDuck
  • Header Pro · BigWhiteDuck
  • Paragraph Pro · BigWhiteDuck
  • Sections Pro 2 · BigWhiteDuck
  • Sections Box · BigWhiteDuck
  • StylePro · BigWhiteDuck
  • BluePrint · BigWhiteDuck
  • Gallery 3 · Instacks