Don’t let yourself been impressed by the name of the project: Architect works for every business. The result is a very clean but stylish website.


You are building websites for clients? The Architect project is a no-brainer. It will save you a ton of time to archive some nice techniques. And you can copy and past parts of this project into your current. Save time and money.

Modern Project

Architect included some of the most advanced RapidWeaver stacks and techniques.

The Key Features

  • Super-Megamenu build with Pop Drop stack.
  • Innovative image sections and slider
  • Live Object sorting, using the great Filter Stack by Yabdab
  • Responsive


  • RapidWeaver 7+ · Realmacsoftware
  • Stacks 3.5+ · Yourhead
  • Foundation 1 + Addon I+II · Joe Workman
  • MovingBox2 · Joe Workman
  • Pop Drop · BigWhiteDuck
  • Header Pro · BigWhiteDuck
  • Paragraph Pro · BigWhiteDuck
  • Sections Pro 2 · BigWhiteDuck
  • Sections Box · BigWhiteDuck
  • MagicGellan2 · BigWhiteDuck
  • Pin · BigWhiteDuck
  • Filter · Yabdab
  • OpenStreetMap · InStacks