I don't know if you are interested in my posts. If not, I will write them just for me. :)

My goal is to post announcements, news about web design or RapidWeaver related stuff and sometimes I will post some personal thoughts. I decided to include Disqus into my blog to make it possible to communicate with you.

The Community

First of all, I want to thank my customers, stack developers and all the other nice people in the RapidWeaver universe for being part of a really great community. The feeling is always great and all people are nice. You are amazing!

My Foundation Projects

I invested a lot of time in all of my projects. My focus is always YOU. Is this feature nice or cool enough? Is this Stack really necessary for the customer? I always want to create something that could help you to create a wonderful website. Did you realized a website based on one of my project files? Send me the URL and I will share it. This is the greatest reward for me.

Feel free to write what you like (or don't) about my blog posts.