If you want to use it as a Site Logo in your Top Bar in Foundation, you need some steps:

Drag your SVG into the Resources of RapidWeaver

Logo Resources in RapidWeaver

In your Top Bar Title Setup change the setting from Site Setup to Custom Data

Foundation Top Bar Site Setup

Set Logo Mobile to the SVG logo in the Resources

Assign Resource in RapidWeaver

Top Bar - Title Area Setup

The Logo is not visible in edit mode

Top Bar without SVG Preview

In the preview mode, you can see the logo. The height of the logo is the same size like the Top Bar height. We can add some padding to the top and bottom to give it some space.

Top Bar with SVG Logo in Preview

Open the page inspector and past following lines into it:

.top-bar .title-area .name img{
padding-top: 10px;
padding-bottom: 10px;
Add Padding to Top Bar Logo

You have to adjust padding for your needs. If you want to use the Top Bar on several pages, paste the code in the Code area of the settings. 

Now the Top Bar looks now much better with some space.

Final SVG in Top Bar

Update (07/24/17)
Rapidweaver 7 supports now SVG for logos. Great times. :)