We use the color palette every day when working with our Mac. The color palette is a nice tool to edit our colors and we often drag them to the bottom of the palette window and with some time the palette looks like this:

Color Palette with swatches

Chaos Color Palette

It is a mess. What color was used for the background of your button? The light gray background of the title was...?
OK. We can make it a lot better. Let us manage the colors for a project and you will be able in the future to say what color was used for the titles.

First we switch to the third symbol in the top of the palette window and select the little cogwheel symbol. Choose New.

Creating a new color list
Now we added a color and created a new list entry for our palette. I name this list entry to my project name to make things clear. But you can choose different names if you want to create a list of nice blue tones or something like that.

Creating a new color list

Adding Colors

Adding colors to the new list is simple. Edit your color in the Color Wheel or define the color in the Color Sliders. Switch to the Color Palette Tab (our list – the third symbol) and press the + button or drag the color into the list view. Double click the name of the color to edit it. That is all.
Now you can manage your colors in a more effective way.

Manage colors in the palette