I think everyone has a Dropbox account and even a basic account is enough for this, because there are no big file sizes to sync.

Let us start on the first Mac

Open the Terminal. Press CMD+Space and type the first three letters of terminal ter and you will see that terminal is selected. Press return to open Terminal. It is a nice way to open Apps on your Mac, by the way.

Open Terminal with spotlightMac OS X TerminalNavigate to your Dropbox folder by typing cd /Users/YourUserName/Dropbox and hitting return. Replace YourUserName with your user name of your Mac. Your Terminal should now look like that:Terminal WindowNow we create a symbolic link by typing ln -s ~/Library/Colors and hitting return.
Dropbox is now creating and uploading the folder for the color picker preferences.
From now on, any change of the Color Picker would be uploaded to your Dropbox.
Cool. But this is only the first part.

Sync your Color Picker sets with another Mac

Our goal is to sync the color picker palette with another Mac. So let us start to enable this nice feature.
You have to install and start Dropbox on your second Mac. Wait for Dropbox to sync files on both Macs. You can see this on the menu bar icon of dropbox. Wait for the sync to finish.
Now quit Dropbox on the second Mac. This is important, so don't miss this step. You can do this with clicking on the Dropbox Icon in the menu bar, selecting the cog in the bottom right corner and selecting Quit Dropbox.
Now open the Dropbox folder of your second Mac and move the folder Colors from Dropbox to /Users/YourUserName/Library/ and replace the existing Colors folder. If you can not see the Library folder, press Shift-CMD-H and then CMD-J. Make your Library folder visible by activating the menu entry at the bottom of the window.
Open the Terminal on your second Mac (remember: CMD-Space, type: ter, RETURN) and navigate your Dropbox folder.Type: cd /Users/YourUserName/Dropbox and hit return.
Then type ln -s ~/Library/Colors and hit return to create a symlink.
Please check if the primary and the secondary Mac have identically named symlink files in the Dropbox folder locations.

Now start Dropbox on your second Mac and let it sync. That's it.
Now your color palette is in sync and you have got all your color sets in access. Great.


Please make this procedure with a working and tested backup. I am not responsible if you are loosing data.
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