TotalCMS is a great CMS and Blog solution for RapidWeaver. It is amazing what you can build and how easy it is if you leave the learning of this stacks set behind you. But the styling options of the blog list or cards are sometimes limited, because of the capsuled stack parts.

If you build some blogs with TotalCMS from Joe Workman, a web designer wants more. What I missed most is the possibility to put the title of the blog post on top of an image. I ended up with a stack I build on my own to archive this behavior and added some fancy css animation effects on top of this.

I think it is a very nice effect to show the title of a blog post. And I think you would be happy to get your hands on this.

The bad news: 

I will not release this stack. But there is a reason for this. I promise you will not be disappointed. :) Stay tuned.